The Ocean View PTA

The Ocean View PTA works to support the children who attend Ocean View Elementary School in Albany, California. We are a group of parent and teacher volunteers who work together to create school community, support our children’s education and well being, and organize events.


Getting involved in the PTA is easy, and does not have to be any kind of time commitment. We strongly encourage all Ocean View families to become members of the PTA. Becoming a member does not require that you attend our meetings, or that you volunteer hours of your time. It's a way for you to support our basic infrastructure (our website, the tools we use to communicate, etc.), as well as a way for us to keep you updated on school events and volunteer opportunities.


Our meetings are open to everyone in our community, members and non-members alike. We also encourage everyone (again, members and nonmembers) to donate a few hours of their time to one of our events.


Executive Board Officers, 2023–2024


Rebecca Sprenger:



Jessy Grewal:


Recording Secretary

Brooke Olson Blair:


Financial Secretary

Albert Reinhardt:


Teacher Representative

Dina Yoo:


Project Leaders 

Website Manager

Carrie Schulman


Otter Pop Wednesdays Coordinator

Terry Georgeson


Memory Book Coordinator

Albert Reinhardt


Room Parent Coordinator

May Beckhusen